Sunday September 13, 2015
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part II


NARRATOR: Outside Eina-Afa...

THURL: We will be making a quick run to Celgate before we deploy.

Cindy needs to put the Sanctum Adroit depot back where she found it.

KEVYN: How "quick" is this run, Thurl?

THURL: Eleven hours in, twenty minutes to make the drop, eleven hours back out.

KEVYN: So... "quick" like space travel, not "quick" like toast.

THURL: I'll signal Broken Wind. If they're riding with us, it will be another day before they can get started on the actual mission.

CINDY: Iafa and I just discussed this. He's briefing the Commodore.

CINDY: The Commodore says they'll ride along and keep us company.

KEVYN: That was quick like toast. Let's go.


THURL: This exclusion zone seems busy. Is the C.D.S. running an exercise out here?

CINDY: I don't know. I tried to ask, but a very powerful hypernode jammer just fired up nearby.

CINDY: This isn't an exercise. We're being painted.

KEVYN: Piracy.

THURL: Is the toast metaphor going to play in our favor here?

KEVYN: Toast is definitely on somebody's menu.