Sunday April 3, 2016
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part IV


NARRATOR: Briefing, UNS-IAI science vessel Gift Horse.

GASCA: We got some priority sim cycles on a proper Q-cruncher, and spun the galaxy a bit.

We then compared the sim results to the ancient Oafan prediction.

GASCA: Short version: the prediction is not accurate, and the greatest inaccuracies are found when we attempt to pinpoint locations for the stuff we're the most interested in finding.

GASCA: Worse still, the reverse plot, based on the very best galactic maps we have today, did not accurately track back to the Oafan map.

Now, the Oafan map is much more detailed than ours, which accounts for some of the discrepancies, but it does not account for things being dozens of light-years out of place. Or gone entirely.

SORLIE: Gasca, if the simulations are not accurate, do we still think that the old PTU depot ended up in Tause system?

GASCA: Good question. Plotting Depot "Agnus" into the Tause system may have been a lucky break for us. Agnus was not orbiting Tause Prime in the ancient Oafan map.

DANITA: Agnus was orbiting an F-class star, and there are now dust clouds where that star should be.

GASCA: Danita and I hypothesize that the F-class star, which still had over a billion years in its life-cycle, was destroyed during a fight over the resources of Depot Agnus. The depot was also destroyed, so the remains of Agnus are what ended up in Tause system.

DANITA: This may explain why the Tausennigans had enough post-transuranics to become a galactic super-power, but did not have anything like the vast riches we see here in Eina-Afa.

SORLIE: Under your conjecture, Gasca, the galactic powers of the Oafan era had the ability to destroy stars.

YAEYOEFUI: We didn't really DESTROY stars. We just ... inhaled them.

You know, for parts.