Sunday April 17, 2016
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part IV


NARRATOR: The mercenary warship Broken Wind arrives at Uli-Oa...

(unknown, inside ship): It looks... "fuzzy."

KATHRYN: Not "looks." Is. Gasca says the fuzz is features that extend hundreds of kilometers above the nominal surface.

KATHRYN: And no, what we're orbiting does not look anything like what the Oafans documented on Isthmus Galactica.

This is Uli-Oa as pictured by the Oafans.

Here's a picture of what we're orbiting, what we expected, and the gas giant Saturn. For scale.

CDRE TAGON: It looks like somebody smushed it.

KATHRYN: Let's consider your word choice, there.

A framework of ultra-strong material the size of Saturn was warped, cut, and crushed until it was about the size of Earth.

CDRE TAGON: "Ultra-smushed." We get it.

Stop trying to put "sense of wonder" into your briefing.