Saturday April 28, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Big Haunted Battleship


Kevyn: How's your moral compass, Ennesby?
Ennesby: What are you talking about?
Kevyn: The A.I. in our new ship is insane, and Tagon wants to wipe it. He doesn't think we've got time to rehabilitate a sick system.
Ennesby: He can't do that! It would be murder!
Kevyn: So you'll help us by jacking in to the system and playing cyber-therapist?
Ennesby: Then again, you could argue that it's no different than putting down a rabid dog, or a horse with a broken leg.
Thurl: Sounds to me like you've got a flaky integrity needle, Ennesby.
Kevyn: Nah. I bet he's getting too much current across his situational ethics switch, and it's spot-welded on 'selfish.'