Monday March 26, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Bounty Hunting


Narrator: Captain Tagon is buying a used starship. . .
Acey Nubs: This ship is one of only ten like her outside the Tausennigan military. She was decommissioned with all systems intact.
Acey Nubs: All sabot and energy weapons are fully operational. . . That means coherent EM, gravy guns, and the infamous twin-octuple banks of railguns. . . All ready to rock. Her overpowered inertiic drive and unifield shields are in fine order as well.
Acey Nubs: Naturally her complement of smart-missiles and launches are no longer aboard, but at this price, what do you expect?
Tagon: Working artificial gravity.
Acey Nubs: I can throw in some sticky-boots for free.