Sunday February 3, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — Quest for Second Sight


Lady Emily: You say you've been hired to acquire a pair of eyes for this eyeless amorph here. Why don't we contact your wealthy, benevolent employer, and see if he'd be willing to cover the costs of acquiring eyes for all the amorphs.
Kevyn: Okay. That sounds fair enough. Sergeant, will you contact our employer for us and review this offer?
Schlock: What are you talking about? What employer? I'm the one footing the bill.
Kevyn: And now all these nice folks know that you're rich enough to hire an entire mercenary company all by yourself.
Schlock: Oh. I mean, 'sure, I'll go ask him right now.'
Narrator: While Schlock, Kevyn, and the amorph guerrilla commander discuss pricing, a couple of low-ranking amorphs make an important discovery.
Uncertain: I got real close. It smells like him. I don't know who else it could be.
Frapp: We have to tell Lady Emily.
Frapp: Milady commander, there's something you should know.
Lady Emily: I'm busy negotiating here, Frapp.
Frapp: But this off-world amorph... he is the Abominable One... the one who escaped us years ago. He is an amoral killer.
Lady Emily: How fitting that he has fallen in with mercenaries, then.
Frapp: Fitting or not, we cannot negotiate with them. He must be destroyed.
Lady Emily: As I recall, this amoral killer is also at least part selfless hero.
Frapp: I don't follow you, milady.
Lady Emily: Perhaps in times like these, we need heroes who can kill without compunction.
Schlock: I heard that. I'll have you know that I only resort to violence when the situation calls for it.
Lady Emily: Of course, by 'Situation' you mean 'Voices in your head,' right?
Schlock: And you don't want to know what they're saying right now.