Saturday February 23, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — Quest for Second Sight


Hob: Sir, I think I can blast us outta here.
Kevyn: I thought you only brought small stuff, Corporal.
Hob: Yeah, but there's a big ol' hydraulic shaft full o' somethin' like fuel oil, and there are piles o' 'mmonium nitrate over by the trees.
Hob: We can make ANFO. It's primitive, but that buried shaft'll focus the blast, an' rip the roof right off.
Kevyn: What kind of wacky-crack machine uses volatile hydrocarbons in compensatorially oversized hydraulics?
Hob: Dunno. It's alien, right?
Narrator: Hey, the incomprehensibility of the venue was established in Sunday's strip. Let it ride, guys.