Tuesday February 19, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — Quest for Second Sight
Note: Those readers familiar with the early 21st-century coastline of Florida may be concerned at the inaccuracy in the rendering of that fine isthmus in today's strip. (Yes, I said "isthmus" instead of "peninsula"). Suffice it to say that with the global warming and resulting superhurricanes of the late 21st century (not to mention Mother Nature's pendulum-effect, follow up ice-age in the early 22nd) the coastline changed a bit. And those are just the naturally induced changes. We won't go into the creation of Lake Yucatan by King Louis Castro XIV.


Narrator: Imagine for a moment that you've just moved into a nice fixer-upper in Bradenton, Florida.
Narrator: On your first night in the house you walk into the kitchen and turn on the lights.
Narrator: Petey has just gone to active scanning and had the same class of shock, only worse.
Narrator: Imagine that the roaches in your kitchen are all armed.