Saturday February 16, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — Quest for Second Sight
For those of you wondering how Commander Gamm knows how many crew Tagon has, keep in mind that at one point Tagon’s Toughs was publicly traded, and as such had to maintain a public crew manifest.

Another Note: Oh, and for those of you who are not versed in Unioc mythology, the eye-fairy is a blind hag who sneaks into the bedchambers of those who bear false witness, and plucks off their eye. Then she leaves them a nice, shiny coin. This story is used by Unioc parents to encourage honesty among their children. Naturally, their children delight in these tales of night-time violence and grow up to be honest, well-adjusted adults (who knowingly relate the fib to THEIR children, flying blind in the face of irony) ... another example of the fruits of solid parenting practices.

The vomit demon is a tale conjured up by the parents of fussy eaters, and without going into much detail about Unioc gastronomy, let’s just say that it works for Unioc children, but it most certainly would NOT work on me.


Gamm: I expect this to be a milk run. We simply trap the humans under the chev dome, launch a simultaneous assault on their superfortress, and make our demands.They don't have a crew to bring that ship's full weapon complement into play, and there's no way they've got the A.I. working.
Chev: What if they do? What if that ob'enn A.I. is answering to them?
Gamm: That's absurd. Do you have any idea just how deeply ob'enn racism runs? With the A.I. Enabled, that ship is a death-trap for any non-ob'enn unfortunate enough to find himself aboard.
Gamm: We might as well worry about an ambush by the winged vomit-demon of noth-chan and her army of sneaky, snitchy eye-fairies.