Sunday February 10, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — Quest for Second Sight


Narrator: The toughs prepare to arm a company of amorphs... Uneasy new allies in the upcoming assault.
Kevyn: Ms. Veldtfontweg, hawe your troops used projectile arms before?
Lady Emily: No. They're all fast learners, though. They'll only require a couple of days training.
Kevyn: Okay, then. These are fairly standard gauss-pistols. I'll let you handle the target practice.My men and I will wait over here.
Kevyn: (thinking) Behind these rocks. With our helmets on.
Chuck the Amorph:
Narrator: Meanwhile, aboard the toughs' superfortress warship
Elf: Sir, I'd like permission to be on the ground with commander andreyasn.
DoytHaban: Corporal, we can't send your minitank down without giving away the team's position.
Elf: Then I'll go down without it. They can use an extra warm body on this op.
DoytHaban: Unfortunately, we need you and your tank as backup, to prevent the warm bodies they've already got from becoming cold bodies.And you can forget the pretense, Elf. I know you'd like to be down there on the ground with Hob.
Elf: Was it that obvious, sir?
DoytHaban: I may be mostly machine up here, but the biological symptoms of human physical attraction are not lost on me. Indeed, with my sensor arrays, you might as well have been shouting "I'm in love with someone" the whole time we spoke.
Elf: Sensors? So you're a voyeur, then?
DoytHaban: Hey, I wouldn't be a man if I didn't look.
Elf: But it's cheating to be able to scope women out while still making eye-contact.