Friday February 8, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — Quest for Second Sight
The Hypernet Biblioversity Library Dictionary, 234th ed., defines "maimery" as follows:

maimery: n. Mayhem, conflagration, conflict, or applied force resulting in the loss of one or more limbs.

It should not be confused with mammary. The two words have nothing to do with each other, and have only appeared in adjacent context in those few publications low-brow enough to cover the Hefner Heir Wars of 2116 (and in this footnote, but that doesn't count.)


Gamm: My surviving enforcers tell me that humans had an amorph with them. Chev, you're the expert on local fauna. Why would they have an amorph?
Chev: Hmmm... Did this amorph have eyes?
Gamm: The enforcer reports do not mention eyes, nor a lack thereof.
Gamm: Of course, the reports seldom get past the 'White-hot blazing maimery' spewed forth from the amorph's plasma cannon. After telling that part my witnesses just curl up and whimper.