Thursday October 10, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — Petey Promoted


Ghen: Do not forget the price of failure, Foretooth.
Kssthrata Foretooth: We will not fail captain. Few of us may live to see success, but we will not fail.
Ghen: I have assured the fleet that matters here are under control. We will strike as we slingshot around Tause VI, and your world will finally be safe.
Kssthrata Foretooth: In the meantime, Corpses continue to pile up against the bulkheads.
Ghen: Hmmm... We cannot space them without alerting the fleet, tipping our paws.
Ghen: Feed the corpses into the plumbing, starting with the previous captain.
Kssthrata Foretooth: If your toilets are rated for that, I have to wonder about your people's diet.