Friday October 25, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — Petey Promoted
Note: If you're wondering what the Admiral is referring to when he says that Tagon rescued an Ob'enn agent from prison, he's obviously talking about the fact that Tagon took a number of gate-cloned prison refugees aboard. See if you can find the Ob'enn in this strip. It's easier than "Where's Waldo," and there are fewer of those annoying stripes.


Ob'enn Admiral: Your stubbornness is disappointing, Captain. Lets take a look at your position, shall we?
Ob'enn Admiral: An agent of ours, whom you foolishly rescued from some prison, has suborned the ship's A.I., which now prefers to answer to us.
Ob'enn Admiral: You've disabled the A.I., but we'll have it up and running again shortly. Until then, we are in possession of the ship's drive, life-support, and fire-controls. Your crew is trapped and is just one trigger-pull away from destruction.
Ob'enn Admiral: Instruct them to surrender, and they will live.
Tagon: Riiight. . . Just how long will they live?
Ob'enn Admiral: At least forty-five minutes. I stake my honor on it.
Tagon: I tell you what: hand me the stake, and I'll show you what your honor gets fastened to.