Sunday June 8, 2003
Book 3: Under New Management — Part III: Board of Accidental Tourism


Narrator: And so it was that Colonel Ceeta 'ported up to the beach to plant the first human footprint on the new world.
Narrator: She was followed by Sergeant Schlock's special forces team.
Narrator: They discovered that Nick could pronounce 'Tropical Paradise.'
Narrator: This significantly changed the nature of the footprints being left behind. . .
Narrator: For a little while, anyway. . .
Tagon: Sergeant, what is going on here? Why are these soldiers out of uniform?
Schlock: Beach-party, sir. The weather is perfect.
Tagon: I don't care how nice the weather is! Listen up! The armor in your uniforms may be all that saves you from becoming lunch for some beach-monster!
Tagon: We have no idea wha. . . Hunh?
Whaleling Sproggen: Ulp?
Tagon: Okay. Where was I?
Shep: Has anybody seen my pants?
Schlock: That was the best pep-talk ever.