Thursday May 1, 2003
Book 3: Under New Management — Part II: Tonight's Top Story


Gephardt: . . . So while the economic impact has been severe, the Whiglican majority chair stands by the attack on the wormgate network, and says that the economy will bounce back any day now.
Peter Caruthers: Thank you for joining us Mister Matsuio. You know, no discussion of the wormgate network would be complete without an interview with an escaped wormgate clone, and we have a gate-clone with us for this next segment.
Peter Caruthers: One of the many Gavs will talk to us about his research into the wormgates, and how it changed, saved, and ultimately multiplied his life. . . After this commercial break.
Peter Caruthers: How original. A Gav. You do know that there are 950 million copies of that freak running around, right? We've all heard his story before!
HN3 Director: It's market-driven, Peter. 950 million viewers is quite the target demographic, and this guy loves to see himself on TV.