Thursday September 11, 2008
Book 10: The Longshoreman of the Apocalypse — Part II: Enter the Longshoreman


Clifford: Four days ago those mercs kidnapped and tortured my brother.

Any shooting I did, I did to protect us honest Credomarans. These mercs have been infiltrating, kidnapping, and killing for weeks now.

Schlock: He's lying!
Massey: Obviously. Shush, now.
Frank Hannibal: So you admit to firing on Lieutenant Ebbirnoth and Sergeant Schlock?
Clifford: Fire on them? I killed them both with headshots!
Frank Hannibal: Really? Sergeant Schlock returned quite a bit of fire, "walking his shots" ant tearing up four blocks of frontage.
Clifford: Okay, maybe that green one took a while to die.