Thursday August 28, 2008
Book 10: The Longshoreman of the Apocalypse — Part II: Enter the Longshoreman
Note: With today's installment there have been 3,000 daily Schlock Mercenary strips since June 12th of 2000. In subtle acknowledgement of that milestone, it shall now be established that each truck had exactly 1,000 crates on it. That's only three of the ten-crates-on-a-side bundles LOTA has been catching, but it's still 750 metric tons.

And if that seems like a lot of crates for a few theives to steal, it's also a lot of comics for one person to draw.


'Chelle: Massey, this is 'Chelle. We have a little problem down here on the dock.
Massey: Lovely. What is it?
'Chelle: Somebody made off with three truckloads of supplies. It looks like they pulled this while we were recovering Ebby and Schlock.
Massey: They know we're short-handed. They sniped us, and when you left the perimeter to respond, they stole from us.
'Chelle: You keep saying "they." If someone will tell me who "they" are, I'll make "them" go away forever.
Lota: Lota will help you, please?