Sunday August 24, 2008
Book 10: The Longshoreman of the Apocalypse — Part II: Enter the Longshoreman


Narrator: Back aboard the Touch-And-Go. . .
Massey: Sergeant Schlock. . . What an exciting opportunity you have provided.
Massey: Never before. . . not during law school, not during my six years in private practice, not even working as a Public Defender. . . Never have I been privileged to give a subordinate a "dressing down."
Massey: Such a momentous occasion deserves a diatribe inspired by tragic Melpomene, or perhaps comedic Thalia, framed within the gifts of Polyhymnia's oratory and rhetoric.
Massey: In that same Hellenic vein, I have mused upon the upbraiding to be administered, pondered the possible punishments. . .
Massey: . . . And found, to my lament this condign castigation must be meet for your particularly picayune patois.
Massey: You idiot. We are going to get sued for your little shoot-'em-up, and it is going to BREAK us.
Massey: No go to bed and dream of poverty. I've got work to do.
Ebbirnoth: Well? How'd it go?
Schlock: Massey beat me up with big words.