Monday January 11, 2010
Book 11: Massively Parallel — Part IV: Mallcop Command
Note: The original regulations from which the term "Section eight" arose have long since passed, and the term itself has spent hundreds of years diluted, being nothing more than a generic identifier whose meaning is entirely dependent upon the context. The recent release of M*A*S*H: Musical Army Surgical Hospital on the New Broadway Historically Accurate Channel changed all that as the capering, conniving madman Corporal Klinger cross-dressed and danced his way into the hearts of billions.

So yes, "Section 8" again means "we think this guy is crazy."


NICK: Y'know, the last time I worked naked was with Elf, Brad, an' Pronto.

NICK: Kevyn was dead, Hob was long-dead, an' I told Elf she had a kissing curse.

So Elf kissed me, Brad, an' Pronto, an' kicked our butts back in gear.

NICK: Then Pronto got killed.  Now that Brad's gone, I'm the only one she's kissed who hasn't died.

NICK: An' now the Captain's taking away my body armor...

LEGS: Doctor!  Section eight on aisle three!