Sunday January 17, 2010
Book 11: Massively Parallel — Part IV: Mallcop Command
Note: Mall One addressing works like this: first, use a 360-degree coordinate system to find a position around the inner rim. Second, count outward from the rim as you descend from Deck 1 to Deck 20 (noting that for some areas there will be missing decks to account for high ceilings). Finally, work your way parallel to the axis of rotation, moving either north or south from the center plane of the station.

Now that you've figured out how to come up with an address for your location, re-order the address elements to confuse the newbies.


NARRATOR: Mall-One staff quarters, commons room, deck 20, 45 north at the 330th.

CAPTAIN TAGON: Settle down and listen up!

NARRATOR: (Once you know the grid, it's hard to get lost, but until you know the grid, you are always lost.)

CAPTAIN TAGON: I'll start with up and down.  Our quarters are one of the few places on the station with a full one-gee of artificial gravity.

CAPTAIN TAGON: There's a small annie-plant doing that.  Cross any bulkhead on this deck, though, and you'll be back to about one-third gee.

Try not to bump your heads.

CAPTAIN TAGON: Lieutenant Shodan is collecting all weapons -- sidearms, batons, knives, and your holdouts.  Yes, we know about them, so hand 'em over.

CAPTAIN TAGON: Following this assembly, you will also turn in your powered-fullerene uniforms.  Our employer is paying extra to know that you guys can't punch through bulkheads.

Yes, yes.  Some of you can probably punch through these walls without the power assist.  Don't do that.

CAPTAIN TAGON: I don't care what you think of the historical space-architecture.  If you break anything, it comes out of your pay.

CAPTAIN TAGON: We'll all be in civvies until Mister Aliss comes through with security uniforms.

For now, dress down and explore.  Learn the lay of the land, but do not make a scene.

CAPTAIN TAGON: That means no more jumping from high places and pretending to fly.