Sunday February 7, 2010
Book 11: Massively Parallel — Part IV: Mallcop Command


NARRATOR: Deck 16, 43rd south at the 185th...

CAPTAIN TAGON: Get away from me, I'll be fine.

MAITRE D': But sir...

LEGS: Captain, you've got a fork in your eye.

CAPTAIN TAGON: Legs?  How'd you get down here so fast?

LEGS: Same as you, sir.  Only without the extra cutlery.

CAPTAIN TAGON: Funny.  Now go after the kid in the ninja clothes.

LEGS: Where are you going, sir?

CAPTAIN TAGON: I'm taking the elevator.  Maybe we can corner him at the bottom.

LEGS: Sir, I think you should stay put and wait for the Doctor.

CAPTAIN TAGON: Is something wrong with her legs?  She should be able to catch up.

And unless there's something wrong with your ears, you've got your orders.  Pursuit.  Now.

BUNNIGUS: Tagon!  Hold still!  You've got a fork in your eye!

CAPTAIN TAGON: Oh?  I hadn't noticed.  Now try to keep up.

BUNNIGUS: Captain, stop playing at "Tough Guy!"  You're limping, your breathing is ragged, and there's a fork coming out of your face!


CAPTAIN TAGON: Here.  One less thing for you to worry about.

Let's get to the elevators.  We're going down.

BUNNIGUS: *thought bubble* Not "we."  You.