Sunday April 11, 2010
Book 11: Massively Parallel — Part IV: Mallcop Command


NARRATOR: Mall-One crew quarters, Commons Room, Deck 20, 45 North at the 330th.

CAPTAIN TAGON: Congratulations, Corporal Nicholson!

NICK: Sir?

CAPTAIN TAGON: Iu understand you broke a curse today.

NICK: Maybe.

I dunno.

CAPTAIN TAGON: Well... if you don't know, then you ought to be pressing for better intel, right?

NICK: Maybe.  Maybe not.

NICK: Kathryn, she's way prettier, and way, way smarter than me.  She's gotta be after somethin' besides "big an' dumb."

CAPTAIN TAGON: You think she's a spy?

NICK: Naw, that's not it.  See, girls who like men in uniform, they don't really see us.

They see the company, an' figure anybody in the uniform is strong, tough and stuff.

Then they figure the more pips a guy's got on his shoulders, the better the dinner plans are gonna be.

NICK: Kathryn's outta my league.  I think she's playin' the field, hopin' to score herself a handsome officer.

CAPTAIN TAGON: Who?  Shodan?  Massey?  Me?

NICK: Prob'ly you, yeah.

CAPTAIN TAGON: Well, then, soldier... you owe it to your captain to ask Kathryn out and see what she wants.

NICK: You don't even know what she looks like, sir.

CAPTAIN TAGON: You said she's prettier than you.  That's a start.