Sunday April 25, 2010
Book 11: Massively Parallel — Part IV: Mallcop Command


TAILOR: You called, sir?

CAPTAIN TAGON: Yeah, I'm tired of this monkey-suit.  What else have you got?

TAILOR: Sir, I made sixty of those!  The crew is all outfitted and comfortable, and Mister Aliss loves the retro look.

CAPTAIN TAGON: They can keep theirs.  But I want something else.

Something sharp, something classy.  That tux had a certain "Jenny say squat."

TAILOR: Um... Jenny said what?

CAPTAIN TAGON: But it needs to be casual, and not stick out.  I delegated command to Shodan, yet I keep coaching from the sidelines.

TAILOR: Oh, I get it.  You mean "Je ne sais quoi."  That undefined element, the "I don't know what."

CAPTAIN TAGON: Tailor, what's gotten into you?  I'm asking you to make me some clothes, and you're correcting my grammar.

TAILOR:  You love me!  You really love me!