Sunday April 18, 2010
Book 11: Massively Parallel — Part IV: Mallcop Command


BUNNIGUS: Corporal, how's life out from under that curse?

NICK: I need to go on a date for the Captain.

BUNNIGUS: For the Captain?  Really?

NICK: Yeah.  I'm pretty sure Kathryn wants an officer.

BUNNIGUS: Did she say that?

NICK: Well...  No, but I've seen it before.

BUNNIGUS: Nick, you're borrowing trouble, and first dates are trouble enough without additional debt.

NICK: How much is dinner going to cost?

BUNNIGUS: Never mind that.  The Company will pick up the tab.  You just make sure to be yourself.  Dress up a bit, lose the mallcop suit, and above all let Kathryn talk.  Find out what she really wants.

BUNNIGUS: You can do this, Nick.  You'll be fine.

NICK: Thanks, Doc!  You're the best.


BUNNIGUS: Your mole, or mule, or sleeper agent... whatever Nick is supposed to be... he needs a change of clothes, but he's ready.

BUNNIGUS: Me, I'm going to go review the Hippocratic Oath and check again for loopholes.