Sunday August 7, 2011
Book 12: Force Multiplication — Part III: Fight or Flight


NARRATOR: The hallways of the Serial Beggar, slathered in fire-suppressant foam...

BUNNI: Tailor!  You have a patient!  Shep took multiple rounds in the abdomen.

BUNNI: Sergeant!  Tailor was searching for our gear amid this foam.  That's your job now.  Be quick.

BUNNI: Legs and Tino, make this area as secure as you can.

TINO: The guys we rescued... I think they snuck off in the foam.

BUNNI: Make this area just a little more secure than that, please.

TINO: What about Rafe?  Have you found Rafe?

BUNNI: I'm getting to that, but we're running out of hands.

BUNNI: Ennesby, I need you hacking cameras.  We lost Lieutenant Ventura between Beggar Bay and here.   She was captured, and I want to know where they took her.

ENNESBY: I can't help there sir.  My mani-stem snapped off in the exchange of fire.

BUNNI: So... you got shot in your "man stem?"

ENNESBY: I find the term "fiddly-bit" rather derogatory.