Sunday August 14, 2011
Book 12: Force Multiplication — Part III: Fight or Flight


KATHRYN: Here's Rafe.  All hooked up and starting to bloat.

NARRATOR: Happifun Rec-Deck...

BUNNI: How long until we can take him down from there?

KATHRYN: About an hour.  His system needs to be flushed or he'll end up grossly obese and sporting an expensive skin condition.

BUNNI: We don't have an hour.  Are you sure there's no way to go faster?

KATHRYN: Pretty sure.  I've got all Max's notes.

KATHRYN: He was a monster.

KATHRYN: The U.N.S. sent Max here to Haven Hive to keep the nannies in check.  Max made sure they were hobbled so they couldn't reproduce properly.  Pau kept hiring nanny-techs to solve the problem, but Max made sure all the personnel Pau got were in on the hobbling.

BUNNI: So all the fat men...

KATHRYN: Could have been replaced with a standard hot-tank.

Or a deck full of hydroponic watermelon.