Tuesday August 16, 2011
Book 12: Force Multiplication — Part III: Fight or Flight


KATHRYN: Schlock remembers something about General Xinchub that none of you remember anymore...

First, do you know who General Xinchub was?

ENNESBY: We were on his payroll for a while.  Then we sort of sold him into slavery.

KATHRYN: Ficus foxtrot!  You people!  When I ditched you earlier all I knew was that you'd crossed the U.N.S. and I'd have to be crazy to associate with you.

But if you had dealings at Xinchub's level it's so very much worse than I thought.

BUNNI: You're not running away right now.

KATHRYN: Twenty minutes ago I killed a U.N.S. agent and accidentally stole his intel.  I may have relaxed my standards a little.