Friday January 8, 2016
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part III

Note: An extensive description of the Parthedrome is beyond the scope of this work. The astute reader can, from context alone, glean that it is a really big structure that has lots of people in it, and that it is something which both characters are familiar with.

Context does not tell us that Commander Ebbirnoth has not only never been to the Parthedrome, he's never been to Othlin, and his familiarity with the structure comes from third-hand accounts that understate the size of the thing.


AVERNEBB: Do you have any witnesses?

EBBY: We've only found bodies.

AVERNEBB: Could the witnesses be hiding?

EBBY: This station is the size of the Parthedrome, Cousin.

Everybody could be hiding.

AVERNEBB: Stop looking where people aren't.

EBBY: Is that actual advice, or are you finally as frustrated as we are?