Sunday January 10, 2016
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part III


NARRATOR: Eina-Afa, in the skies above Jumpstar Prime.

YAEYOEFUI: Why did you model your jungle world after our sky-world?

Aren't there mega-structure designs that better serve small, crawling people like yourself?

SORLIE: This is your sky-world. Eina-Afa evolved into what you see here over the course of roughly ten million years.


I may need to grieve.

YAEYOEFUI: But grief can wait. Tell me about your designs. I understand you are an engineer. What do the worlds you build look like?

SORLIE: To you they probably look tiny. We don't build anything close to this size. We don't have the technology your people used to build Eina-Afa.

YAEYOEFUI: Then my people failed completely.

I shall certainly need to grieve.

SORLIE: I'm missing something.

What failure are you talking about?

YAEYOEFUI: We failed to preserve galactic civilization and culture beyond the Boundary.

SORLIE: What Boundary?

YAEYOEFUI: You are definitely missing something.