Thursday May 25, 2017
Book 17: A Little Immortality — Part III


NARRATOR: Guarding the approach to the vault...

trooper: Daggermother, we killed this while you were talking to the mercenary.

DAGGERMOTHER: Nanomotile creeper?

trooper: Yup. I think it might have been sent to infiltrate the vault while we fought the CQ-101.

DAGGERMOTHER: Give me hard mag-pulses up and down this tube, and stay alert. If there are more of those, I want them dead. If there's something else, I want it dead too.

building: *printed* 14Y

trooper: It's a good thing we're here and not on the docks.

DAGGERMOTHER: You make it sound like we got lucky.

trooper: Oh... that's why you lied to the mercenaries about us being out of position.

DAGGERMOTHER: Hot Mess Response is much simpler when we're positioned to ambush the next hot mess.