Sunday May 21, 2017
Book 17: A Little Immortality — Part III


NARRATOR: This is a standard 225mm D-BeSH breacher missile, designed for ship-to-ship combat, which is typically conducted outdoors.

Its 20cm annie plant generates a unifield spatial distortion most accurately described using mathematics containing a generous dose of imaginary numbers. It is most often described as a "pointy shield."

The distortion allows the missile to punch through the unifield shield generated by its target; hence the name 'breacher missile.'

The 'D-BeSH' designation applies to the payload, which is a doped Boomex 'squash' head. The high-explosive material smashes flat against the target's hull before detonation, increasing the surface area of the blast wave.

This initial detonation might actually crack the hull, but it's impossible to tell since it's definitely cracking the fullerene nanobottles containing the doping agent.

Usually that's anti-carbon.

The secondary explosion is measured in kilotons.

(Cindy is removing the D-BeSH payload from the breacher she's about to fire. We've provided these illustrations as consolation, in case the explosion in upcoming panels proves disappointing...)