Sunday May 7, 2017
Book 17: A Little Immortality — Part III


NARRATOR: Urtheep Industries office complex...

DAGGERMOTHER: Commodore, my forces are not in place for expeditious deployment.

NARRATOR: The mercenary flagship Breath Weapon...

CDRE TAGON: We can help, but we're at least two hours from being in a useful place.

DAGGERMOTHER: Can you do bay-to-bay troop teraport? I will open an exclusion, and drop your forces right on top of my current problem.

EBBY: My platoon can be there in two minutes, Commodore.

DAGGERMOTHER: My forces can do two minutes. Can you teraport a combat-ready force to our Returns Dock now?

IAFA: That dock is not large, but we do have a vessel that will fit.

DAGGERMOTHER: I need boots, not boats.

CDRE TAGON: Will you accept a can of whoop-ass?


That expression intrigues me.

You're authorized for teraport.

Now describe this "can" thing.

NARRATOR: Urtheep Industries Returns Dock...

CDRE TAGON: It might need to be shaken for about ten seconds first.

CINDY: Wake up, Captain.

We're in combat.