Tuesday May 9, 2017
Book 17: A Little Immortality — Part III

Note: The Blattco Arms 12mm rifle, the "Breaker Bar," is popular with professionals-at-arms who wish to engage the enemy from a kilometer (or more¹) away, and who plan to announce that engagement with a projectile through the appropriate ten-ring. Its popularity is due in large measure to the fact that this kind of targeting is still possible after the weapon has been dragged through the mud behind a utility vehicle for three hundred kilometers.

You can compromise accuracy for durability, or you can buy Blattco and have both. 

¹ Much, much more.


JENGISHA: That looks like a ninety cent annie plant. It's big enough to put up a shield.

PERI: Confirmed. My Breaker Bar is useless without breacher rounds.

SCHLOCK: Did you leave those in your pocket, Peri?

PERI: You go to war with the pants you're wearing, not the pants on the floor beside your bed.