Sunday November 24, 2002

Yes, that's a fiddly-bit on the bouquet. It's either a tracking device installed by the Nefarious Florist's Cartel, or it's there to keep the flowers nice and fresh.
Book 2: The Teraport Wars
Part I: Raising Capital Offensive


Narrator:Aboard the newly-christened troopship "Serial Peacemaker." Security tests are finally completed.
Ennesby:Okay, Kevyn, what's the verdict?
Kevyn:Well, your results and the ship's results match. This means that, at least within imaginable parameters, there are no security holes.
Kevyn:Since Doythaban's results do not match, we have to assume that his systems are suspect. I'm not sure how to go about fixing that.
Kevyn:He volunteered to be relieved of duty temporarily, and he's doffed that fantastic suit of his until we can figure out how to plug the holes.
Ennesby:It sounds like he could use a good match or two of chess.
Kevyn:So, which brain are you going to use when you play him? The ship-brain or the maraca-brain?
Ennesby:Both. The 'Maraca,' as you so kindly refer to it, is really just another node. It's all part of the same system, now. I've got a good internal security protocol allowing me to stay sync'd.
Kevyn:Oh, good. We don't want to have to put you on the payroll twice.
Ennesby:That's okay. I do get a much fatter equipment budget now.
Ennesby:You realize that if Doythaban has hardware problems, it means that his gate-clone, Haban II, probably has the same problems.
Kevyn:Except that haban's organic brain matter has been re-grown.
Ennesby:I expect that just means different problems. Is haban still part of what's left of your sister's little navy?
Kevyn:I have no idea. If I knew how to get in touch with breya, i'd certainly warn her about him, though.
Kevyn:I mean, who knows how much trouble he could be capable of getting her into?
Haban II:
Serial Peacemaker: