Tuesday November 26, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars
Part II: Tandem Acts of Kindness


Tagon:Lieutenant, the troops are dangerously bored.
Shodan:The re-fit team has gear strewn all over the main bay. We don't have anyplace to drill.
Tagon:If they can't drill or work out, you need to find something else for the enlisted men to do.
Shodan:Some of the guys are helping out with the refit. We've actually got a lot of gear on board that can be used for construction purposes.
Tagon:That's all the reason I need for you to be getting them as far from the re-fit work as possible.
Nick:Nope. This'un don' shoot rivets good.
Shep:You want me ta get littl'r rivets, or a bigg'r gun?