Wednesday May 9, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Big Haunted Battleship


Kevyn: Okay, Tagon. I've reached the stage where I need your help.
Tagon: What's the problem?
Kevyn: The ship's A.I. has an allegiance relay, but the manual controls were completely destroyed at some point in the past. I've co-opted the drone code Ennesby was infected with and created a Virtual allegiance switch, but I can't throw it myself without cross-linking the command chain records, and risking recursion problems later on.
Tagon: The only words that I understood were 'ship' and 'destroyed.'Since we're all still here, i'm pretty sure I misunderstood you.
Kevyn: Okaaay...
Ennesby: Try setting syllable restriction at 'two' this time.
Tagon: I understood that, though.