Friday May 25, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Battle for the Wormgate


Narrator: In the enemy camp...
Nejjat Terrorist Tro: Hmmm. It looks like we've lost a security camera at the 200 meter perimiter.
Nejjat Terrorist Lea: Lost? What do you mean 'lost?'
Nejjat Terrorist Tro: I think it burned out. It's not- oops! There goes the 150 meter camera.
Nejjat Terrorist Tro: And there goes the 100-meter camera along the same approach.
Nejjat Terrorist Tro: And now the 75 is gone. Oops! And the 50! This is annoying. We won't know if anyone is sneaking up on us.
Nejjat Terrorist Tro: And now the 25 is gone. Are these things under warranty? I mean what are the odds...
Nejjat Terrorist Lea: ... that' you're an idiot? Ten'll get you ten and a quarter.