Friday May 18, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Battle for the Wormgate


Tagon: So, what do we call you when we need to talk to you?
Petey: For all purposes, I am the ship, and the ship has been re-christened The Post-Dated Check Loan.
Tagon: Post-dated check loan is a little unwieldy. How about 'Posty?'
Petey: No.
Tagon: 'Checky?'
Petey: No.
Tagon: 'Loany?'
Petey: No.
Ennesby: I just realized that if you abbreviate the name as P.D.C.L, and then say it aloud, you can get 'petey.'
Petey: Ooh. That could work.
Tagon: Great. I'll call you 'Petey' from here on out.
Petey: I don't suppose you could use my full name once in a while? Like maybe when you're angry?