Sunday June 17, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Battle for the Wormgate


Narrator: The galaxy is a big place, full of simultaneously unfolding stories. Most of those stories are boring, and involve otherwise intelligent people sitting around watching entertainment broadcasts, but there are a few tales that have long-range impact, and reach across the light years to affect our story.
Narrator: Let's peek in on Doyt Gyo and Haban 3122 for a moment...
DoytHaban: (doyt) It's not my fault, I tell you!
DoytHaban: (doyt) The corpse was in perfect condition when I dropped it off. If it's missing bits, talk to your sicko coroner.
Narrator: Eeew. Too much information...
Narrator: Let's check instead on the Nejjat terrorists, currently being interrogated by Gasht'g'd'g'tang of the fsherl-ganni...
Young G'tang: Master g'tang! Terrible news!
Gasht'g'd'g'tang: What is it?
Young G'tang: The prisoners are all dead! They committed suicide before master p'tawn could transfer them to us.
Gasht'g'd'g'tang: Are their skulls intact? Can we run a mindrip on them?
Young G'tang: Sadly, no. They appear to have blown their own brains out.
Narrator: Eeew. Sorry. Too much information yet again...
Narrator: Let's check in on Breya, Kevyn, and Schlock on their orbital approach to the czorzny-luna shipyard. That should be safe.
Schlock: So, that's the technical explanation. It really doesn't account for the emotional investment, though.
Breya: Schlock, that's truly fascinating, and it's sweet that you'd trust me enough to tell me about it.
Breya: I don't think i'm ready to be a parent, though. I've invested too much of myself in my work.
Schlock: Well, i'll be here if you ever change your mind.
Kevyn: I hate to sound xenosexually bigoted, but could the two of you leave me out of these conversations in the future?
Narrator: Now that's either too much or too little information. Either way, it's disturbing.