Thursday June 21, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Union Blues


Pat: Okay, lady, you're closed for inspection. I suspect you've got some equipment problems.
Breya: Ah. The union boys again. Go play somewhere else, guys.
Pat: Lady, unless you want to end up in the hospital, you'll shut up and learn a thing or two about this shipyard.
Dug Rhandal: And don't go calling for your blob-friend. We trapped him right here in this reinforced bag.
Breya: I see. Did you empty his mouth before you stuffed him in there?
Dug Rhandal: No. Why?
Pat: Where's she running off to?
SFX: Ommminous Hummmmm
Dug Rhandal: What's that noise?