Sunday August 12, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Equivocated Prevarication


Narrator: In the realms of the manufactured mind, two very nearly indentical A.I.s discuss their futures.
Haban II: Can we speak freely here, Haban?
DoytHaban: (haban) Your i/o port seems to be working well. I think so. Nobody should be able to listen in.
DoytHaban: (haban) Except for my Doyt, of course.(doyt) Hey, guys, can one of you program me a cool avatar?
DoytHaban: (haban) What, the one I made for you isn't good enough?(doyt) It's hairy, and I think it itches.(haban) Re-program it yourself, monkey-boy.
Narrator: If it helps you to think of it as 'virtual reality,' go right ahead.
DoytHaban: (haban) So, how does it feel without your Doyt.
Haban II: It's kind of lonely, if you can believe it.
DoytHaban: (haban) You're kidding, right? I mean, we're identical, you and I, and I know I wouldn't miss MY Doyt if I got shot in the head.
DoytHaban: (doyt) I'm right here, haban. Part of the current conversation, even.
Haban II: See. I miss that. Anyway... the 'magic' cryokit stuffed my head with something strange. There's something growing up there.
DoytHaban: (haban) A new Doyt? A BABY?
Haban II: No... it's like I'm getting an organic brain to complement my original equipment.
DoytHaban: (haban) Eeew.
Haban II: And I think I need it. I think that there may be some flaws in the way you and I were built, and having an organic component grafted to the system is required for stability or something.
DoytHaban: (doyt) That's right. You need me, and don't you forget it. If not for me you'd just play chess all day.
DoytHaban: (haban) And that may be what we're stuck doing anyway. It just occured to me that this duplication thing has worsened one of our problems.Now there are two of us unemployed. We'll be competing for the same jobs.
Haban II: Oooh. Yeah. Well, at least I don't have Doyt to help me with my resume.
DoytHaban: (doyt) Are we done here? The sports recap is on in 10 minutes.