Wednesday August 15, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Equivocated Prevarication


Tagon: If I'm supposed to follow my conscience, what does my conscience tell me to do?
Devil Tagon: I think that right now you should go public with the evidence you have, generate as much ire among galactic citizens as possible, and then find a rich, vengeful patron to sponsor you generously as you wage a bloody war on the Gatekeepers.
SFX: poof
Tagon: Wow. That's exactly what the other guy told me to do.
SFX: poof
SFX: blam
Tagon: He was impersonating you?
Angel Tagon: Yup. Evil learns fast.
Tagon: So you shot him.
Angel Tagon: I learn fast too.