Sunday August 19, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Equivocated Prevarication


Narrator: Captain tagon discusses the latest crisis with admiral breya...
Tagon: ...So to summarize, i've got proof that the gatekeepers are copying and murdering travellers, and petey has the node address of their base. He thinks we could launch and win a war against them using teraport-equipped ships and munitions, and restore safe travel across the galaxy.
Breya: Captain, Even with proof of wrongdoing, we'd never convince people that we acted out of a sense of justice, or for any greater good than that of our own bottom line. We own the teraport, after all. It would just look like profit-motivated violence.
Tagon: But that means that nobody will believe us if we go public with the evidence. No matter what action we take to try and thwart the gatekeepers, people will just think we're in this for money.
Schlock: Did somebody suggest that we're not in this for the money?
Tagon: Schlock's got a point.
Breya: We've got another problem, tagon. As powerful as these gatekeepers are, they cannot afford to let us continue to develop the teraport.
Tagon: Oh my... Oh... You're right. They would be forced to take action against us.
Breya: Tagon, they already have... Think about it: They probably captured and subverted core elements of the partnership collective, and have been using them as pawns to strike at us. They attacked us at least three times, each time with less regard for possible collateral damage, And if they know that we have figured out what they're up to, well... I think the gloves are going to come off.
Breya: The only way to beat them is to encourage use of the teraport, and ensure that the technology cannot be suppressed.
Tagon: You're not suggesting what I think you are, are you?
Breya: I think I am. We release the teraport patents, all of our engineering documents, and drop everything into the public domain.
Tagon: It's so scary when you say it like that.
Breya: Fear is the enemy's problem now, captain.