Sunday April 13, 2003
Book 3: Under New Management — Part I: The REALLY Clever Monkeys


Narrator: As the sergeant said, there's a reason they call it a 'blast door.'
Schlock: We're in! Let's move!
Schlock: Pronto, unwrap the package.Everybody else, secure the perimeter
Pronto: You're lucky you don't have lips, Ennesby.
Ennesby: No, you are.
Ennesby: Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a job to do...
Narrator: Three minutes later:
Ennesby: The suspect communique cannot be back-tracked through here.
Schlock: So this is a dead-end?
Ennesby: Yes and no... it originated locally. If Breya's group sent it, then they had to have been physically here long enough to upload.
Enireth Comm Tech: I could have told you that. Why does it never occur to you people to just ask these things?
Schlock: Now that's what I call a secure perimeter.
Enireth Comm Tech: Hey, i'm sure they would have caught me had I been trying to get out.