Sunday April 20, 2003
Book 3: Under New Management — Part I: The REALLY Clever Monkeys


Narrator: Aboard the mercenary ship serial peacemaker...
Kevyn: Captain, Sergeant schlock's team just called in. He said they got the information, but they're pinned down in the library's data center by the local police.
Kevyn: He said they can fight their own way out, but only, and I quote, "Over the steaming ashes of this stupid swat team."
Tagon: Okay, then. We go to the hostile extraction option. The more force we use, the less loss of like we'll have to inflict.
Tagon: It'll also leave a better impression on the locals. They may be hiring us someday, and we want them to know that we're aggressively competent.
Thurl: Speaking of which, Captain... I know you didn't really authorize this, but I just bid on a security gig here in the system.
Tagon: Now may not be the best time to be taking that kind of initiative, Thurl.
Thurl: They said they'll pay triple, but they need us immediately.
Tagon: Then again, there's no time like the present, eh?
Thurl: Here's the deal... The local police have cornered some terrorists in the university library...
Tagon: Hang on. Kevyn, get back in here!
Kevyn: Library? You don't think that...
Thurl: It would be too good to be true...
Tagon: Kevyn, thurl... Take three minutes and compare notes, please.
Tagon: The opportunity to get paid by the enemy for extracting your own troops doesn't just knock on your door every day.
Kevyn: I say we invite opportunity inside for a nice cup of tea, then hit her on the head and steal her purse.
Thurl: Here's hoping she's got expensive tastes and a great credit rating.