Tuesday April 29, 2003
Book 3: Under New Management — Part II: Tonight's Top Story


David: ... That wraps up our segment on home safety. Back to you Peter.
Peter Caruthers: Thanks, David. I guess we all owe the Jensen family a big thank you. Here's hoping the Robo-vacuums can be made a little less ambitious in the future.
David: The Irony, Peter, is that until the limb replacements grow in, the Jensens can't do their own housework. Which means they'll have to keep using the robots, or hop around those pesky bloodstains for weeks.
Peter Caruthers: On the bright side, the whole family can participate in a three-legged race. Hahaha!Next up, the U.N.S. publishes it's findings on the "Tinth-Philkra Dialogs." Stay tuned!
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