Monday April 14, 2003
Book 3: Under New Management — Part I: The REALLY Clever Monkeys


Enireth Comm Tech: You want to know about these 'Tinth-Philkra' dialogs, I suppose.
Enireth Comm Tech: Some military types shot their way in here, uploaded a bunch of data and some instructions, and the tinth-philkra hypernet node was their zombie for the next 22 minutes.Ever since then we've had hackers trying to trace the transmissions through us to another source. Nobody thinks to just ask us where they came from.
Schlock: And if we had just asked, what would you have told us?
Enireth Comm Tech: That the data was none of your business, but that we do have a very progressive portfolio of bribery packages you can purchase.
Schlock: Wow. That is progressive.