Wednesday April 30, 2003
Book 3: Under New Management — Part II: Tonight's Top Story


Peter Caruthers: Tonight's top story: The U.N.S. publishes its analysis of the controversial "Tinth-Philkra Dialogs."
Peter Caruthers: The dialogs are purported by many to be actual holo-recordings of key military leaders discussing a covert operation. . .
Peter Caruthers: . . .A covert operation which, if the Dialogs are factual, resulted in the loss of wormgate services across more than 15% of the galaxy, including the Sol System hub.
Peter Caruthers: Here to talk to us about the ongoing wormgate outage, business analyst Gephardt Matsuio III.
Peter Caruthers: I thought the Tinth-Philkra dialog guy was on next.
HN3 Director: Nope. Nielsen-o-meter says we can string the viewers along for another two commercial breaks.