Sunday May 18, 2003
Book 3: Under New Management — Part II: Tonight's Top Story


Narrator: The U.N.S. Battleplate Tunguska, current home of the politically beleaguered General Xinchub.
Narrator: It's also home to enough firepower to feed Europa to Jupiter one bite at a time.
Narrator: The Europans are happier not knowing this. Ice fishing leaves you with too much time to ponder things like the end of the world.
UNS Govt Suit: General, I wish you'd consult with us before you change plans.
Xinchub: I haven't changed any of our plans.
UNS Govt Suit: Oh? As I recall, when we talked about the possibility of political upheaval surrounding your connection to the Gatekeepers, one of the liabilities we agreed to eliminate was this ship full of mercenaries.
UNS Govt Suit: Imagine my surprise when I learned you were letting them run loose, rather than detonating the little gift you gave them during their refit.
Xinchub: As I said, I never changed the plan.

They did.

UNS Govt Suit: Oh?
Xinchub: I sent the detonation signal, and got a very colorful coded response in reply.
Ennesby: Kevyn says he can turn it into a perfectly serviceable 25-gigaton terapedo.
Sign: Do not open till Christmas
Tagon: Next time you find a bomb aboard the ship, please consult with me before re-programming the detonator.