Sunday May 4, 2003
Book 3: Under New Management — Part II: Tonight's Top Story


Gunny Striithpok: Welcome to the Hypernet News Network's special live edition investigative report. I'm Ponju Striithpok, HN3 Military Correspondent.
Gunny Striithpok: With me this evening is Colonel Henrik Kazunori, U.N.S. Analyst. Thanks for joining us, Colonel.
Gunny Striithpok: So, the question of the hour: Are the Tinth-Philkra Dialogs factual?
Henrik Kazunori: Parts of them certainly are, Ponju. Take, for instance, the segment between Admiral Breya Andreyasn and the Gatekeepers.
Henrik Kazunori: That segment correlates very closely with the facts from the battle, and clearly implicates the Admiral in high treason for betraying fleet units.
Gunny Striithpok: To be more accurate, it correlates nicely with official statements from that battle.
Henrik Kazunori: The distinction is irrelevant, since the Dialogs are a third-party confirmation of those statements.
Gunny Striithpok: Not necessarily. There are versions of the Dialogs out there in which the Breya segment is missing, and General Xinchub is seen conversing with the Gatekeepers.
Henrik Kazunori: Those versions are forgeries, and are part of a smear campaign. The U.N.S. has cut no deals with the Gatekeepers.
Gunny Striithpok: Speaking of forgeries, did your team analyze the pattern of compression artifacts in the audio stream?
Sign: HN3
Henrik Kazunori: There's a pattern to those?
Gunny Striithpok: My sources tell me it's like a watermark, and the Breya segment's watermark does not fit the pattern.
Henrik Kazunori: (thinking) Oh crap.
Gunny Striithpok: Do you want to hear about how the Xinchub segment fits?
Henrik Kazunori: Um. . . Uh. . .
Henrik Kazunori: If you'll excuse me, I need to go away right now.
Gunny Striithpok: Tomorrow on the HN3 Special Live Edition Investigative report: Did General Xinchub act alone when he betrayed the fleet? How far up does the corruption run? Answers to these questions and more exclusively on the Hypernet News Network. I'm Ponju Striithpok, good night.
Gunny Striithpok: And in a very special segment, see Ponju Striithpok get his second Pulitzer Prize.